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Miami Beach Hotspot Juvia Relies on SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric for Style and Strength

Retractable Fabric Awning System Transforms Outdoor Dining Area

Publish Date: Monday, June 25, 2012

DEPEW, NY… SEFAR® Architecture’s TENARA® Fabric brings high design and environmental resistance to an outdoor penthouse-level dining area at the brand new Juvia restaurant and lounge in Miami Beach, FL.

In collaboration with Uni-Systems, LLC, a manufacturer of mechanized structures and components, SEFAR Architecture’s TENARA Fabric offers a sleek aesthetic, a high level of light transmission and diffusion, durability, pliability and protection from high winds – all in a first-of-its-kind retractable fabric awning system called En-Fold.

Uni-Systems’ En-Fold retractable fabric roof is a fully automated, motorized system that is engineered to behave as a true membrane structure, with configurations capable of withstanding winds up to 90 mph. Its simple, clean and strong modular design allows it to be feasible for use in a wide variety of locations and applications.

At Juvia, En-Fold with TENARA Fabric spans 54 feet over an outdoor terrace, assuring that regardless of the weather, patrons will enjoy consistent comfort and a distinct view of Miami Beach. At the push of a button by remote control, the awning closes, transforming the terrace into an intimate and calm space – unfazed by surrounding high winds. When the awning is open, the TENARA Fabric panels are retracted fully out of view.

“SEFAR Architecture worked with our engineers to accurately model how their TENARA Fabric and its unique properties would complement our En-Fold product,” says Peter Fervoy, Business Development Manager for Uni-Systems. “As a result, the system delivers, both aesthetically and functionally.”

Juvia is located on the rooftop of a nine-story building in Miami Beach, and features an outdoor terrace with seating for 60 patrons. The new 10,000 square foot venue exudes sophistication and a clean cosmopolitan design. Architecturally, Juvia is inspired by Miami’s cultural diversity and Deco landscape. SEFAR Architecture’s TENARA Fabric and Uni-Systems’ En-Fold together create a perfect solution for both the style and operation of the restaurant.

“SEFAR Architecture TENARA Fabric was an ideal choice for Juvia’s outdoor dining area – it’s by far the highest-quality fabric with the ability to fold,” says Fervoy. “And ultimately, its superior light transmission, diffusion and resistance to high winds create a comfortable and versatile space.”

In addition to its resistance to high winds, the En-Fold awning with TENARA Fabric features a slight incline to effectively shed rain away from the terrace. This prevents rainwater from pooling on the fabric panels.

In terms of durability, SEFAR Architecture’s TENARA Fabric has properties that provide extremely high resistance to blemishing or degradation, far surpassing all other materials of its kind. In addition, the TENARA Fabric is ASTM E84 – Class A fire-rated, making it an ideal canopy material for a restaurant.

SEFAR Architecture TENARA Fabric 4T40HF was used for the Juvia project. 4T40HF is the industry’s most translucent, long-lasting and pliable fabric membrane material. It offers 38% light transmission, is woven from ePTFE fabric and is also fluoropolymer-coated, making the PTFE inherent in the material. As a result, it will flex and fold countless times without cracking or losing strength.

“At Juvia, there is beauty in design and in operation,” says Peter Katcha, Director, North American Sales for SEFAR Architecture. “We are proud to contribute to the first installation of the En-Fold system. Together with the superior properties of our TENARA Fabric, there is nothing like it anywhere.”

To see a video of the Juvia En-Fold retractable fabric awning, click here.

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The Juvia project was completed in March 2012. Members of the project team include owners Jonas and Alexandra Millan of Bonito restaurant in St. Barth and architect and structural engineer Uni-Systems, Minneapolis, MN. Charles Benson Architects of Miami Beach served as the architect of record for the Juvia restaurant build-out project.

About SEFAR Architecture: SEFAR Architecture is a leading manufacturer of monofilament precision and ePTFE yarn fabrics and fabric systems for interior and exterior architectural applications. With comprehensive knowledge in textile architecture, Sefar has cooperated with experienced lighting technicians and polymer experts to develop a new generation of fabrics for the architectural and design community. For more information on SEFAR Architecture’s products and services, call Peter Katcha at 727-388-4919 or visit