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acrevis Bank Creates Sophisticated Environment With SEFAR® Architecture LightFrame

Swiss Regional Bank Branch Achieves Bright and Private Atmosphere

Publish Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DEPEW, NY…With the help of a SEFAR® Architecture LightFrame modular illuminated fabric ceiling system, acrevis Bank in Gossau, Switzerland creates a professional and welcoming banking environment for customers and employees.

Formed in 2011 as the result of a merger between two Swiss regional banks, the Gossau branch features 1,840 square feet of the SEFAR Architecture LightFrame system in the customer lobby, complimenting the wood tones and clean look of the space beautifully. Each customer conference room features approximately 21 square feet of the LightFrame system, providing privacy and a lighting element.

The LightFrame modules feature SEFAR Architecture’s IA-80-CL PVDF acoustic fabric that allows 80 percent light transmission. The light-technical and acoustic fabric provides echo absorption through its uncoated textile structure that provides the discretion needed in a banking environment.

In the private banking area, the fabric is employed as an unadorned lighting element. Next to the skylight, which introduces natural light into the private meeting area, there is a section in the suspended plaster ceiling supplemented by IA-80-CL, acting as both a design feature and acoustic damper.

“Our intent was to create an inviting and environment for customers and employees. Visually, Sefar LightFrame provides acrevis Bank with a clean, polished and connected look for the spacious lobby and private conference rooms,” explains Monika Furer, architect at fg architektur. “The product improves the lighting conditions and created an interesting light element by filtering natural and artificial light. LightFrame also provided the acoustical performance needed for the space, allowing bank transactions to be conducted with privacy.”

LightFrame creates a more enjoyable workplace by providing uniform light transmission throughout the space. LightFrame casts virtually no shadows due to its half-elliptical profile. The custom modules are hinged to allow direct access to the plenum for light source maintenance.

SEFAR Architecture LightFrame is the only fabric ceiling system available that can provide both significant light diffusion and acoustic improvements. It features dual wrinkle-free, high light-diffusing architectural fabrics biaxially stretched over a razor-thin, modular frame system. LightFrame’s unique secondary membrane allows it to diffuse light while improving acoustics. The dual membrane system prevents the penetration of debris and bugs that hinder the visual impact of other translucent ceiling products. The dual skin system is airtight and eliminates penetration of dust and insects on the fabric membrane, which can inhibit the transference of light over time.

The innovative illuminated fabric ceiling system also provides high levels of diffused and uniform light transmission, improved acoustics and long-lasting resistance to UV light. The low-maintenance material resists moisture and dirt, meets all fire code requirements, and is free of VOCs. In the event of a fire, LightFrame produces very little smoke and instead of dripping, it dissipates.

The acrevis Bank project was completed in early 2012. The project team included architect fg architektur, Gossau, Switzerland. The firm’s U.S. office, Gastrau Fuerer & Associates, LLC, is located in Milwaukee, WI. The engineer/installer was Schmid GmbH, Simmerberg, Germany.

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