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GuardianCoil® Provides Industrial Safety Solution for H.O. Penn Machinery

Operable Metal Mesh Curtain Shields Employees and Contains Debris

Publish Date: Monday, April 22, 2019

TUALATIN, OR…Cascade Safety and Security, the international leader in coiled wire fabric systems for new and retrofit industrial machinery and equipment, recently provided a custom shop press guard assembly for H.O. Penn Machinery’s Poughkeepsie, NY location.

H.O. Penn is the exclusive Caterpillar® heavy equipment dealer for the lower 13 counties of New York and all of Connecticut – providing service, repairs, and both new and used equipment sales. To protect personnel from debris from the company’s shop press, leaders at H.O. Penn—like Corporate EHS Manager, Markus Wesaw—sought a long-term solution that would meet all of the company’s safety requirements.

“We purchased a customized press guard with adjustable curtain assembly to protect our employees from flying projectiles or broken objects under pressure in our 150-ton shop press,” says Wesaw.

The press guard features ¼” 16-gauge high-strength stainless steel GuardianCoil®, in Safety Black, secured with a custom-engineered pipe suspension assembly. Safety Black is a popular choice for industrial settings because it does not reflect light, lending to improved visibility through the mesh. The two separate GuardianCoil panels are sized at 60” x 78” and 66” x 78”.

GuardianCoil safety solutions are not only a cost-effective alternative to traditional safety guards, but also achieve the full range of protective functions necessary for industrial environments. As with the new H.O. Penn press guard, GuardianCoil is typically secured at the top and hangs free at both sides and the bottom, allowing the material to flex with the impact of a projectile and drop it safely to the floor. This prevents any debris, projectile, or broken component from ricocheting back toward the machine operator should an object come loose under force of the high-powered press.

“We chose Cascade Coil because of its reputation as the leader in the coiled wire fabric category, plus the proven quality of their products,” adds Wesaw. “Competitors tend to sell generalized equipment. We prefer systems with additional engineering measures that go beyond the minimum designs in order to protect our employees from known and recognized hazards.”

GuardianCoil is fireproof and does not absorb oil or other flammable liquids, plus it possesses superior strength and corrosion resistance for environments exposed to water or moisture. The fabric is low-maintenance and tends to shed dust – a benefit for industrial settings, which by nature will expose the material to dirt and debris.

GuardianCoil machine safety guards and Cascade’s range of other customizable industrial systems are compliant with OSHA’s requirements for preventing injuries from projectiles.

The H.O. Penn Machinery GuardianCoil system became operational in August 2018.

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About Cascade Safety and Security: Cascade Safety and Security is a division of Cascade Coil Drapery, Inc., based in Tualatin, OR, the world’s leading manufacturer of coiled wire fabric and attachment systems for a wide variety of applications. Cascade Safety and Security provides GuardianCoil® protection systems and engineered attachments for facility and safety managers in all industrial sectors. Environmentally sustainable and made in the USA, Cascade Safety and Security coiled wire fabric systems are designed to protect personnel and contain debris, and are compliant with OSHA requirements to prevent injuries from projectiles. For more information, visit:

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