Zurn GO BLUE Flush Valve Diaphragm Kit Honored as a Money-Saving Product 2013

“Significant cost savings” cited by BUILDINGS Magazine

Publish Date: Thursday, April 18, 2013

ERIE, PA – The efficiencies achieved by the GO BLUE™ flush valve diaphragm kit from Zurn Industries, LLC has been honored as a Money-Saving Product 2013 by BUILDINGS magazine. The selection will be showcased in the publication’s June issue.

“The Zurn GO BLUE flush valve diaphragm kit was chosen as a 2013 Money-Saving Product because it provides an economical solution and significant cost savings to building management,” says Jennie Morton, associate editor, BUILDINGS.

“This honor from BUILDINGS magazine confirms what customers who have experienced competitor products tell us: Zurn products outperform them and make the most sense to provide a total building solution for anyone interested in cost savings,” says David Scelsi, Director of Product Management and Engineering, Zurn Commercial Brass.

Lasting eight to ten times longer than competing products, the Zurn GO BLUE diaphragm kit delivers money savings for the “maintenance repair and operations” (MRO) performance of commercial, healthcare, educational and other similar buildings.  The savings are achieved from reduced maintenance costs andconsistent flush performance resulting in reduced water usage.

The Zurn GO BLUE diaphragm kits feature Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) design that delivers high-performance evacuation–consistent, effective and water-saving flushes–making a second flush unnecessary. The TPE material provides chloramine resistance for a much longer life. As a result, the Zurn product performs much better than traditional EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)black rubber.

The Zurn Go BLUE patented clog-resistant triple-filtered bypass design performs three times better than the dual-filtered technology when tested for clog resistance.  The Zurn technology prevents run-on, leaks andinconsistent flush volumes.

Zurn GO BLUE TPE parts are trademarkedblue for easy identification and they are designed to be interchangeable with competitor flush valves.

The GO BLUE product benefits result in lower water usage, lower housekeeping costs and lower replacement costs. It is estimated that commercial building toilet flushing uses 1.2 billion gallons per day in the United States.