Viracon Introduces New Interior Surface Coating

RoomSide™ Low-E Improves Thermal Efficiency

Publish Date: Friday, July 12, 2013

OWATONNA, MN…Viracon, the nation’s leading single-source architectural glass fabricator, introduces RoomSide™ Low-E, its latest interior surface coating.

RoomSide Low-E is designed to improve the u-value of a dual pane insulating unit to near triple pane performance at a lower cost.  RoomSide Low-E works by reflecting indoor heat back into the room – ultimately improving thermal efficiency and making it easier to meet stringent energy codes.

“We’re very excited to continue providing our customers with innovative yet cost-effective coating options,” says Kevin Anez, Director of Marketing and Product Management for Viracon. “RoomSide Low-E is a value-adding option for improving thermal efficiency.”

RoomSide Low-E is as convenient as it is efficient. Compared to similar products, the coating’s smooth surface texture is both durable and easy to clean. Standard cleaning solutions have been tested on the coating and are approved for use in routine cleaning.