The “Buzz” at Zurn Industries: Charitable Fundraising causes Execs’ Hair to Fall

Publish Date: Monday, September 16, 2013

ERIE, PA – Three business unit general managers at Zurn Industries, LLC went completely bald after employees met their fundraising goals for charities fighting cancer and childhood diseases. This was part of a unified internal campaign dubbed “The Buzz.”

The three Zurn General Managers agreed to have their heads completely shaved if each of their business units could raise $5,000. Zurn Wilkins and Zurn Commercial Brass raised money for the American Cancer Society, and Zurn Specification Drainage collected money for Children’s Cancer Research Fund and March of Dimes.

Multiple fundraising events were held and the goals were attained prior to the July 31 deadline. Soon thereafter, Zurn GM’s Chris Connors (Zurn Wilkins), Scott McDowell (Zurn Commercial Brass), and Craig Wehr (Zurn Specification Drainage) were “buzzed” bald.

A total of $19,517 was raised. Zurn Commercial Brass hosted 13 events and raised $6,393. Zurn Specification Drainage hosted 12 events, raising $6,312. Zurn Wilkins held six events and collected $6,812. 

“Zurn wishes to thank everyone who contributed to these charitable causes,” says Miranda Schmidt, Communications Specialist, of Zurn Industries, LLC. “And for the Zurn associates who pitched in to hold so many events in a short period of time, this was a labor of love. We are glad to help in any way possible.”