Zurn Wilkins Unveils New Stainless Steel Large Diameter Backflow Preventer

Lightweight, Corrosion Resistant and Ideal for Existing Low-Pressure Systems

Publish Date: Tuesday, September 03, 2013

ERIE, PA – Zurn Industries, LLC introduces the Zurn Wilkins 300AST Stainless Steel Large Diameter Backflow Preventer–lightweight, corrosion resistant, and easier to install in small spaces. This new backflow preventer can be used in most existing low-pressure systems without the need to acquire a pump.

The Zurn Wilkins 300AST Stainless Steel Large Diameter Backflow Preventer offers customers these additional features: a machined check positioning sleeve, eliminating weld-seam leaks; checks that are retained securely, providing stable pressures with faster test results; a flow clean sensing passage to eliminate debris build-up in the sensing line: and, as with the entire Zurn Wilkins 300AST series, a short lay-length that allows for installation into smaller spaces, and easy replacement of any backflow brand.

“The new Zurn Wilkins 300AST is suitable for a number of different uses applications including fire protection,” says Rick Fields, Senior Director of Marketing and Product Development for Zurn Wilkins.

Zurn is launching the new Stainless Steel Large Diameter Backflow Preventer in two stages: first in sizes 2 ½” to 6” and then 8” and 10” in the near future. It is available in four functional categories: Double Check Assembly; Reduced Pressure Assembly; Double Check Detector Assembly; and Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly. The 300AST series has received full approval from the Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at the University of Southern California (USC Foundation).